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"I can take an ugly wrestler and beat him till he's beautiful" Adrian Street.
"I can take an ugly wrestler and beat him till he's beautiful" Adrian Street.
A press slam for Davey Boy
A press slam for Davey Boy

Bar After a superstar career in Pro Wrestling, "Exotic" Adrian Street and Miss Linda decided to settle down and live a normal life in beautiful Gulf Breeze, Florida.

Well, "normal" is a very vague word... Normal for Adrian and Linda means teaching young fellas how to "beat the crap" out of other people at Skull Krushers Wrestling School, or manufacturing the wildest wrestling costumes offered through Bizare Bazzar.

Nobody in the world today is better qualified to teach the secrets of wrestling than the Exotic one... With thousands and thousands of matches behind him, and titles in all corners of the world, Adrian is not only a powerful wrestler, but also one that deeply understands the technique and marketing involved.

Talking about marketing, Adrian was a trendsetter who made history in wrestling by introducing the most suprising, unexpected and unmistakable character in the world of wrestling: himself. When blending the cruelty of street fighting with the flamboyance of what we call today a "Drag Queen", Adrian created the most memorable character in the history of professional wrestling.

No matter if you are interested in reading Adrian's books, buying wrestling wear, or learning about Exotic Adrian and Miss Linda's history, please spend as much time as you want on our site, and feel free to contact us!

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Phone: 850-934-8435
US Mail:

1496 Oak Drive
Gulf Breeze, FL 32563
To order our catalog, please send us your name, address and a check or money order of US$ 5 payable to Linda Street.
Special Thanks (we are mean, but we are grateful...)
"A very, very special thanks to 4 of my friends and Pro Wrestling associates, Kent Walton, Lance Russell, Jim Ross and last but by no means last "The Dean of Professional Wrestling" Gordon Solie.
These very astute and knowledgeable Wrestling Commentators consistently reminded the fans and our viewing audience, that in spite of my extremely weird image I was a GREAT WRESTLER, SECOND TO NONE. In that way they added immense credibility to the incredible image my Wrestling character presented.

Once again thank you very much my Friends. If I were a real Queen you would
all get a Knighthood."

Exotic Adrian Street.


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